Caring for Your Prints

Long-lasting storage and care tips.

The integrity of your printed products over time depends on a number of environmental factors. Thoughtful care will keep prints and albums in beautiful condition for years to come.

Albums should be stored in a horizontal orientation to prevent the binding from pulling over time.

Caring for Your Prints

Avoid Direct Sunlight


Direct sunlight should always be avoided with any printed product. The sun causes colors to fade significantly and unevenly over time. Framed prints that are hung in areas exposed to a lot of sunlight should be framed behind museum glass to prevent UV exposure from degrading your print.

Avoid Heat & Humidity Prone Areas


Moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew in addition to causing physical damage to your prints.

Store photos in a cool, dark place below about 70 degrees.

Cleaning minor blemishes.


Minor blemishes can be softly buffed off of prints with a dry microfiber towel.

Dust can be lint-rolled off of fabric album covers. Use a cloth damp with water for any dirt or blemish spots.