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Five simple Pleasures

January 2023

The Five Simple Pleasures Journal Series was inspired by a desire to share some simple things that bring joy to my life in hopes that they bring joy to yours as well.

Each installment features a myriad of 5 things with no particular theme- other than they make me happy! I'll share food, recipes, favorite cafes & restaurants, creative endeavors and just simple observations.


Crisp wintery air

I absolutely love getting outside in the winter. A deep breath of that crisp wintery air is so refreshing- even if it does take some willpower to get outside this time of year. Finding activities to get outside even on some of the coldest days of the year keeps my mind sharp and my cabin fever at bay. Some of my favorite activities are a winter hike at Afton State Park, skiing at Afton Alps or visiting tried & true Minnesotan winter events like the Luminary Loppet.

A book with some wisdom

I have been reading 101 Essays that Will Change Your Life by Briana Wiest. This little treasure is filled with easily digestible, short & to the point essays with perspectives on life, love, growth and being true to yourself. One or two each morning has been a lovely way to stay grounded throughout the holiday season.

Braising Everything

I received a 7 qt Staub Dutch Oven for Christmas last year and it has become an absolute staple in my kitchen. I have yet to burn anything in this- it distributes heat very evenly- making everything easier. My favorite recipe to make this time of year is Tiegan Gerard's Cranberry Pot Roast. Featuring lesser known Pot-Roast-Stars: cranberries, rosemary, and red wine- this is not your average run-of-the-mill Pot Roast but it is just as comforting & delicious!

Garden Planning

After the thrill of the holiday season and during the coldest, darkest months of the year- I get excited about the infinite possibilities of this year's garden. I sit down with a spreadsheet, seed packets and last year's notes to create my vision for this year's cut flower garden & herb garden. Poppies are some of my favorite and I can't wait to try new varieties this year!

Board Games

I think my recent board game obsession comes from my love of analog things. It feels a little old-fashioned to break out the board games and it is so deeply satisfying to commit to screen-free time with friends and family. And- admittedly I do have a little bit of a competitive side.

Send me one of your favorite things, recommend a gardening book, or an interesting board game!