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Five simple Pleasures

February 2023

The Five Simple Pleasures Journal Series was inspired by a desire to share some simple things that bring joy to my life in hopes that they bring joy to yours as well.

Each installment features a myriad of 5 things with no particular theme- other than they make me happy! I'll share food, recipes, favorite cafes & restaurants, creative endeavors and just simple observations.


Longer Days are Here

This time of year, renewal is the theme of the season. Feeling the sunlight a little bit earlier in the morning and a little bit later in the evening is my favorite part. A subtle reminder that spring is really just around the corner. (Even if there is still plenty of snow on the ground and more on the way!)

Watercolor Painting

There is something so dreamy and peaceful about spending time intimately with my brush, a tin of watercolors and a sketchbook. It is a restorative creative practice I make time for during the winter season. Often I play to see what colors I can make up or what patterns different brushes make with no particular goal in mind. It is one thing I truly practice for myself- something I think is quite valuable for anyone!

Tea with Friends

It's true. I love coffee. But lately I've been experimenting with different teas and subbing my lattes for matcha lattes. While tea will never be a coffee replacement for me, I am loving exploring & learning about something new. It's also the post-holiday season where I'm reconnecting with friends after a season of being invested in family holiday parties and events. A chat over a cup of tea is just perfect! This beautiful matcha latte is from a favorite spot- Cafe Alma!

(more) Garden Planning

My 2023 Garden focus is on cut flowers and herbs. I love a fresh bouquet in the kitchen and cooking with herbs fresh from the gardens is just wonderful! I've been doing a deep dive into care & information about each seed type I'm planting this year. Most of my seeds are ordered from Floret Flowers. Many are out of stock already but there are plenty of good ones still left if you're looking!

Sullivan Street Bakery No-Knead BreaD

This recipe is SO simple. If you are interested in making homemade bread, this is a great place to start. It does not get any easier. Simply put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them together & let it sit overnight. The next day, simply take it out of the bowl and turn it once then bake!

You can find the recipe in NYT Cooking here or in the Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook!

Send me one of your favorite things! Recommend a gardening book, a favorite restaurant or cafe, or a new recipe to try!