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Summery Family Portraits: A Stylish Wardrobe for confident, beautiful portraits.

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Confidence shines through in well-styled family portraits.

Styling Your Family for Portraits | Minneapolis Family Photographer


I. Start with you and build your family's wardrobe.

Start with yourself! Find an outfit that makes you feel confident and looks great! Once you have an outfit you feel confident in, you can build your family's wardrobe around it.

This approach takes some of the overwhelm out of dressing the entire family and sets up our portrait session to be fun & enjoyable!

Don't worry about what's already in the kids' closet. What makes you feel most confident?

Examples of a Fresh Color Palette (White, Blue, Navy with a some pink accent pieces) & A personal favorite- seersucker textured dress.

Next consider adding additional texture- a soft (small) pattern on one or two articles of clothing or an item or two with a seersucker, a monotone plaid, denim or linen texture for summer.

In general- consider avoiding:

- Harsh colors- black, bright red

- Large patterns- they're too distracting!

- Jeans for the whole family- I'm not suggesting NO jeans, just limit the number of family members wearing them. Opt for dark, gray or white jeans.

II. Build your color palette & add some (optional) texture.

Once you've styled yourself and feel confident about your outfit, it's time to build your color palette.

There are two main summer color palettes I would suggest working from:

1. Fresh Colors- White, Light Blue, Navy with an optional accent of light pink, or salmon.

2. Earth Tones- Cream, Tan, Greens, Sage with an optional accent of maroon or mustard yellow.

There are many beautiful ways to build a color & texture palette- don't overthink it!

Earth Tone Color Palette for Family Photos with an accent of mustard yellow.

This seems to go without saying but it's a minor detail that makes a major difference.

Spend time having your family try on their intended outfits to avoid any day-of wardrobe emergencies.

Once everything is tried on and will fit well, make sure items that need steaming or ironing are accounted for. I would suggest preparing all clothing a few days before and

III. Ensure garments are properly prepared and fit well.

setting it aside so there are no worries when it comes time to get ready.

A tip on sizing for children: Oftentimes we purchase our children's clothing so that they may "grow into it". Portraits are not the time for this! Children's clothing that is too large shows up very obviously in photos.

Creating a stress-free Family Portrait experience is all about pre-planning.

IV. Extra tips for a well-styled Family Portrait Session.

with. This is not the time to try out a new hair tool for the first time! If it would alleviate a significant amount of stress- ask for a professional hair & make up referral.

Nails. Simple, neutral nail polish is recommended if you choose. Unpainted nails are fine too- just avoid and chipping nail polish as it will show up in photos!

A few words on the details of styling your family:

Shoes. Choose shoes that are neutral and seasonally appropriate. Young children may go barefoot for part of the session depending on the terrain at our location.

Hair & Make Up. Style hair & make up in a way that you are familiar and comfortable

The details matter.

Choosing to add a pop of color or stick with neutrals can depend on our chosen location. A neutral location can compliment a pop of color while a colorful location is best matched with neutrals.

V. When in doubt, outsource: hiring a family stylist.

aware of. It can be a fun experience and alleviate the stress of choosing your family's outfits.

Last but not least... I'm here for you! Clients are always welcome to email and ask for a second opinion on the wardrobe they're considering.

If the idea of styling your family's wardrobe is overwhelming, consider hiring a personal stylist.

Previous clients have worked with a professional family stylist who assembles a collection of items custom to your needs. The benefit to this is finding unique pieces or retailers that you may not have been

Turn it over to the professionals!

Let's start planning

your portrait session.

Send a message to inquire about designing a session that uniquely represents your family.